Who are we and what you can find here

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Well, it should actually be who I am.

Hi! I am Ian and also the sole member (so far) of Naix Games. I have been doing game development for a year and a half now.

Before doing GameDev I studied Applied mathematics and then did a PhD in maths. In the middle of the PhD, I realized I was unhappy with my work and wanted to do games. (The story is more complicated than that, but is not relevant for this post :P).

When that happened I started learning about programming and GameDev, entering Game-jams and diving into making games in general. It all culminated with me getting a job in an amazing game studio! Now I am finally being able to do this full time.

Okay, but what is this website for?

I plan to use this website to promote little side projects. You can already see some games I have made. I also plan to upload tutorials and material that is relevant to game development. I want to share want I learn and what I know to help other game developers, or just to give information to people curious about how games work. This will not be long posts, but rather small take-aways people.

And, who knows? Maybe someday I will develop an incredible game and use this site to promote it.

I hope you find this site interesting, have fun with it, and learn something from it :).