Doing an experiment of pong

Pixel art book

Because why not?

In my latest game, Pong-Xperiment, you play a game of Pong . . . with a catch (Spoiler ahead I guess?). After every score, the game looks more and more detailed. Sprites get added, sound effects unveiled, particle systems appear and a crowd cheers for your scores. It comes from being a pretty standard Pong game into something more modern.

I wanted to do this game to test a couple of things.

First, I wanted to test a pipeline in which I do everything for a game. I did the sprites, sound effects, music, code, menu, etc. The only thing I did not do is the font because Hi-Score is already my favourite :P. Now all my assets are not perfect, but they are all mine, and I could polish them if I spent more time on the project. I wanted to test how much I could do this way. This was a good experiment for that (and hence, the name :P).

Second, I wanted to test doing different effects. I wanted to see how adding different sound effects, camera shakes and particles affected the feeling of a game. I have never made any of that stuff on my own, so I just wanted a game to try to make everything in one go. This included both in the art building and how to do them code-wise.

Now, the game of Pong itself? It was an excuse to try the things above. I already had a working Pong I made to practice Unity long ago, so I just reused it :P.

I must confess it gave me a feeling of what felt like playing Pong on my grandma’s computer. I would imagine all the effects just to make the game more exciting. Aaah, what it is to be bored in your grandparents’ house with imagination.

So yeah, the game. Fulfils its purpose. Fun to make. Hope you find it interesting. Also, if you managed to beat the harder difficulty, good on you, I never manage to do that.